BatArtworks logo

Logo design till huge branding murals

Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in unieke schilderingen & grafisch ontwerp van concept tot realisatie.
Wij maken kunst & design zowel zakelijk als privé op muren, canvasdoek, kleding, als tatoeage & meer en wij houden van uitdagingen.
We work full dedication on your visual identity for your brand from concept till realisation.
We do art & design for private & business purposes on business muralsprivate properties, kidsrooms, canvasclothing, skin & more and we love a challenge.

‘Capture your story’



We work a lot with brands, architects, catering, music & creative industries

Architecs & real estate

Close collaboration with architects allows us to focus perfectly on finding perfect balance between aesthetics and function.


We love working with bands, record labels, clothing brands, and generally anyone who has an interesting project with brand activation and a fresh, contemporary, and artistic attitude.

Media & event agenties

Our artistic career trained us to communicate with impact and generate awe. It is with this spirit that we take on commissions, from studio projects all the way to live painting.

Horeca & hotels

Our experience allows us to work in a structured manner for horeca startups and the most demanding clients.
BatArtworks creates custom graffiti art & corporate branding with a story