Graffiti portraits painted with spray cans & pencils based on yourself, your loved one, child or pet? Urban art of your first car, tattoo or something else is also possible. Your wedding picture, low resolution selfie, as a gift,  it’s all possible in an unique BatArtworks street art / graffiti style.

Capture you moment.

Tattoo pencil sketch & digital paint A4 format from € 90,-
Spray paint 
Urban art on 50x40cm canvas from € 170,- now for € 136,-
Spray paint urban/photorealistic on 90x70cm canvas from € 270,- now for € 216,-
Spray paint photorealistic 100x120cm canvas from € 395,- now for € 316,-
Spray paint photorealistic DUO portrait 100x150cm canvas from € 600,- now for € 480,-

Discount is valid till the 15th of august 2017

We use for urban art an unique combination of pencils, stencils & spraycans.
For Photorealistic art we use only spraycans (no airbrush).
Of course other artwork sizes are also possible.

For more info please send an e-mail, call or whatsapp to +31 (0)6 294 798 65

Photorealistic portraits

Urban art & portraits

Pencil sketches & digital paint portraits

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