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Chica Bandita art series
Chica Bandita

'You’re a diamond
They can’t break you'

Chica Bandita fans worldwide

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Chica Bandita streetwear & art stand for dedication, passion, realness & beauty in its purest form with a raw edge.


[ˈʧika banˈdita] [represent the strong spicy independent women all over the world & the men who love them.]

Be a Chica Bandita or a men who loves them!

Love & Respect,
Cyril ‘BatArtworks’ Bath


Chica Bandita the process

It’s februari 2011, a cold Saturday afternoon, and Cyril Bath of BatArtworks is reminiscing about LA. He wants to go back there again. Cyril thinks about the colorful street life culture which fascinates him so much, for example, the melting pot of different colors, the cholas, tattoo maniacs & a lot different people with own culture.

Cyril can’t control himself anymore after 20 years Cyril picks up his spray cans again. He reaches for his “weapons”, his spray cans, its feels good, an old passion flames up. He makes his first creation of Chica Bandita. Chica Bandita series are born.

Now Cyril has created a refreshed version of the Chica Bandita with a blend of the urban culture of Amsterdam & LA. To celebrate the dedication of his fans, his 5 years of a new episode of spray paint and his rise to a professional level.

BatArtworks introduces ‘BatArtworks the brand’ a merge of Art, Fashion and Culture.
After the successful ‘Mokum’s Badass’ campaign ‘Chica Bandita’ is the second -Badass art series- under the name ‘BatArtworks the brand’.

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