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BatArtworks paint public & indoor art murals at local properties and developments. Also Canvas & branding art for in-store, retail and events.

For more info/prices please send an e-mail, call or whatsapp to +31 (0)6 294 798 65

Graffiti Lettering Parrot BatArtworks

Graffiti lettering Casa d’ Ara

Prive murals

Graffiti lettering with a parrot, butterflies, flip flops & flowers in Ibiza …

John Deere tractor kinderkamer muurschildering

Tractor kinderkamer

kids bedroom

Graffiti Ra-Veny

kids bedroom

A girly graffiti for Ra-Veny

Graffiti met Amsterdamse nostalgie

Kidsroom Ajax Amsterdam

kids bedroom

Graffiti with oldscool Ajax Amsterdam elements for Cayden

muurschildering sugar skull BatArtworks

Sugar skull wall paint fitness space

Prive murals

Een Sugar skull met kleurrijke bloemen schildering voor een particulier in de …

graffiti muurschildering kinderkamer Liam BatArtworks

Kidsroom graffiti

kids bedroom

A graffiti with oldscool elements for Liam.

graffiti kindercadeau winkel Mieters

Graffiti, website & corporate design Mieters lifestyle for kids

Business murals, kids bedroom

BatArtworks created a graffiti mural, website and corporate design for Mieters life …

Beach street art

Beach street art for the dressing rooms

Business murals

Beach street art for the dressing rooms nearby Beach Grill Steel Creek, Almere …

Tupac All eyez on me Pathe live painting

Tupac graffiti ‘All eyez on me’ premiere, Live painting @ Pathé

Business murals, commissioned canvas

BatArtworks proudly presents a Tupac graffiti for the movie premiere ‘All …

mural park plaza hotel Amsterdam

Mural for Park Plaza hotel, Amsterdam

Business murals

A mural of the Amsterdam canals for the employees of Park Plaza Vondelpark at …

Graffiti art ‘Buckriders’

Prive murals

We are proud that we created a personal wall paint for a …

Urban mural club oaK Amsterdam BatArtworks

Urban mural for the doors of club oaK Amsterdam

Business murals

BatArtworks creates the branding urban mural for the doors of Amsterdam newest …

mural horeca art

Mural art for Juice & Chocolate Bar LITE/DARK

Business murals

At the request of LITE/DARK BatArtworks made a retail design (branding) …

Street art Amsterdam Audrey Hepburn

Street Art Amsterdam ‘Audrey Hepburn’

For sale, Prive murals

Street Art Amsterdam ‘Audrey Hepburn’. BatArtworks heeft onder het Schellingwouderbrug, Amsterdam een enorm …

clubkoffie Amsterdam street art batartworks

Clubkoffie patio street art mural

Business murals

A patio street art mural for clubsandwich bar ‘Clubkoffie’. If you …

Event decor Koekenbier Abcoude BatArtworks

Amsterdam event decor for restaurant Koekenbier Abcoude

Business murals

BatArtworks created an event decor for the first Abcouder party week of …

Graffiti Art hip hop video Scandalated BatArtworks

Graffiti Art for the music video Scandalated – Checkmate/16

Business murals

BatArtworks creates the music videoclip graffiti art for the hiphop artist …

Mural royal flush

Poker wall paint for Scan Music Records

Business murals

Indoor ‘Royal Flush’ mural. More info and time lapse video is coming soon… …

Art murals in,- & outdoor wall paint for your home or business. BatArtworks