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A collection of our free style street art, commissioned urban art & graffiti portraits on canvas. Please contact us via e-mail ( if interested in purchasing originals or commissioned work.

canvas- art live painting raw uncut

Live painting hip hop fest – Raw & uncut series

Business, For sale
Mohammed Ali / 190x220cm / Price on request

Mohammed Ali / 190x220cm / Price on request

For sale
Urban mural club oaK Amsterdam BatArtworks

Rebellion / 190x80cm / Price on request

For sale
Street Art for sale Angel 50x40 BatArtworks

YouKnowMySteez / 50x40cm / Price on request

For sale
Urban Art Mokums Paradise

Amsterdam paradise / 50x50cm / price on request

For sale

Melted skull on canvas

commissioned canvas

VW golf on canvas

commissioned canvas
Angel of Sin / 50x40cm / Price on request

Angel of Sin / 50x40cm / price on request

For sale
Amsterdam art canvas

Amsterdam art canvas

commissioned canvas
Tupac All eyez on me Pathe live painting

Tupac graffiti ‘All eyez on me’ premiere, Live painting @ Pathé

Business, Business murals, commissioned canvas

BatArtworks proudly presents a Tupac graffiti for the movie premiere ‘All …

Street art Amsterdam Audrey Hepburn

Street Art Amsterdam ‘Audrey Hepburn’

For sale, Prive murals

Street Art Amsterdam ‘Audrey Hepburn’. BatArtworks heeft onder het Schellingwouderbrug, Amsterdam een enorm …

Mother and child painting BatArtworks

Mother and child painting

commissioned canvas

BatArtworks heeft een portret schilderij van moeder en kind met spuitbus gemaakt, …

Small art on canvas

Urban Art paintings 50x40cm

For sale

A selection of custommade urban art paintings on 50x40xm canvas. Capture your …

Urban Artwork 'Mokum's Badass'

Urban Artwork “Mokum’s Badass” series

For sale

Exclusive design by Cyril Bath 100% Cotton t-shirt

Freestyle art super selfie BatArtworks

Graffiti portrait “Super selfie”

For sale

Graffiti portrait “Super selfie” Een parodie op de selfie hype.. Freehand gemaakt …

Freestyle urban art Zapatista BatArtworks

INKED GIRL / 160x220cm / Price on request

For sale

Info is coming soon…

Branding mural BatArtworks

Branding mural ‘Cuban attitude’

For sale

This Branding mural with a Latin spirit takes you away into the …

illustration portrait

Illustration portrait as birthday present

commissioned canvas

Illustration portrait as birthday present. Where the Hague meets Amsterdam to finish it off …

2pac graffiti artwork by BatArtworks

2Pac graffiti on canvas

commissioned canvas

This 2Pac graffiti streetart I made with spraycans on canvas. Tupac …

Graffiti artwork on canvas

Graffiti artwork on canvas ‘Chola Chica Bandita’

For sale

This graffiti artwork character is a Chola Chica Bandita, a gang …

Original graffiti, urban & street art paintings on canvas for sale