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Container art Almere duin

Container art ‘Almere duin’

Business, Mural painting

Container art in commission at Almere Duin, a fantastic place in …

street art Almere Seal

Beach street art for the dressing rooms

Business, Mural painting

Beach street art for the dressing rooms nearby Beach Grill Steel Creek, Almere …

Logodesign Brassa Customs BatArtworks


Business, Graphic design

Taking the values of your brand and reducing them to clean …

Design studio Identimo

Business, Mural painting

Interior art at the new location of design studio Identimo.

'C.H.I.C.A.' - Mixed media on canvas

C H I C A – Contradictions series

Canvas Art, Private
Custom jackets mother daughter-01

Custom jackets mother & daughter

Custom fashion, Private

Custom paint jackets to celebrate their special mother-daughter bond.  

Amsterdam coat of arms

Amsterdam coat of arms

Canvas Art, Private

BatArtworks proudly presents a new style of the Amsterdam coat of …


Custom Nike Airmax – BatArtworks ‘020’

Custom fashion, Private

BatArtworks custom paint a Nike Airmax, the raw style ‘BatArtworks 020’ with …

Custom paint kids jacket

Custom jacket ‘Sixten’

Custom fashion, Private

A custom paint jacket for the 2 years old Sixten.

custom paint jacket Chappelle

Custom paint jacket ‘Chappelle’

Custom fashion, Private

Custom paint jacket for Chappelle. Soon more images.

sold! Eastside mokum / 120x100cm

Canvas Art, Private
Beware! / 130x130 / Price on request

BEWARE / 130x130cm / Price on request

Canvas Art
Graffiti portrait Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen artwork

Canvas Art, Portraits
Urban Art portraits

Realistic graffiti portraits

Canvas Art, Portraits, Private
Graffiti portraits comic style

Bonny & Clyde graffiti style

Canvas Art, Portraits, Private

Family graffiti portrait

Canvas Art, Portraits, Private
Graffiti met Amsterdamse nostalgie

Kinderkamer met Amsterdamse nostalgie

kids room, Private

Een geweldige klus op de kinderkamer voor de nieuwe generatie. Na het …

Bedroom mural Curvy girl BatArtworks

Bedroom mural ‘Curvy girl’ with portrait

Mural painting, Portraits, Private

Bedroom mural ‘Curvy Girl’ with the portrait of the customer. This …

Kinderkamer schildering Flamingo

Flamingo kinderkamer

kids room, Private

A graffiti for the baby Liv

Kinderkamer muurschildering graffiti

Graffiti voor Danish

kids room
graffiti artists

Art decoration for party & event area Sotto Waalwijk

Business, Mural painting, Portraits

BatArtworks as been approached for an art decoration of 3 walls that …

Graffiti Lettering Parrot BatArtworks

Graffiti lettering Casa d’ Ara

Mural painting, Private

Graffiti lettering with a parrot, butterflies, flip flops & flowers in Ibiza …

John Deere tractor kinderkamer muurschildering

Tractor kinderkamer

kids room
Graffiti Raveny

Graffiti Ra-Veny

kids room

A girly graffiti for Ra-Veny

Graffiti met Amsterdamse nostalgie

Kidsroom Ajax Amsterdam

kids room

Graffiti with oldscool Ajax Amsterdam elements for Cayden

muurschildering sugar skull BatArtworks

Sugar skull wall paint fitness space

Mural painting, Private

Een Sugar skull met kleurrijke bloemen schildering voor een particulier in de …

'Bad ass girl' - Live painting on wood

Live painting hip hop fest – Raw & uncut series

graffiti muurschildering kinderkamer Liam BatArtworks

Kidsroom graffiti

kids room

A graffiti with oldscool elements for Liam.

Mohammed Ali / 190x220cm / Price on request

Mohammed Ali / 190x220cm / Price on request

Canvas Art, Portraits
'Survivor' - Mixed media on canvas

Rebellion / 190x80cm / Price on request

Canvas Art
UKnowMySteez / 40x50cm / € 400,-

YouKnowMySteez / 50x40cm / Price on request

Canvas Art

Melted skull on canvas

Canvas Art

VW golf on canvas

Canvas Art
Angel of Sin / 50x40cm / Price on request

Angel of Sin / 50x40cm / price on request

Canvas Art
Amsterdam art canvas

Amsterdam art canvas

Canvas Art
graffiti kindercadeau winkel Mieters

Corporate design Mieters lifestyle for kids

Business, Graphic design, Mural painting

BatArtworks created a the corporate (online) design & branding graffiti mural …

Illustration for Jazz Marina event

Logo Design & Flyer for the Jazz Marina event

Business, Events, Graphic design

Jazz Marina, an event with live jazz music, foodtrucks & a market …

Tupac All eyez on me Pathe live painting

Tupac graffiti ‘All eyez on me’ premiere, Live painting @ Pathé

Business, Events, Mural painting

BatArtworks proudly presents a Tupac graffiti for the movie premiere ‘All …

mural park plaza hotel Amsterdam

Mural for Park Plaza hotel, Amsterdam

Business, Mural painting

A mural of the Amsterdam canals for the employees of Park Plaza Vondelpark at …

Graffiti mural ‘Curvy Girl’ with the portrait of the customer

Mural painting

Graffiti art ‘Buckriders’

Mural painting, Private

We are proud that we created a personal wall paint for a …

Hand painted jacket Rilana BatArtworks

Hand painted jacket ‘Rilana’

Custom fashion

Hand painted jacket for the fashion, food, beauty & lifestyle blogger Rilana. …

mural horeca art

Mural art for Juice & Chocolate Bar LITE/DARK

Mural painting

At the request of LITE/DARK BatArtworks made a retail design (branding) …

Painted leather jacket Mokums Badass featured BatArtworks

Hand painted leather jacket

Custom fashion

We proudly present an amazing job, hand painted leather jackets with …

'Audrey Hepburn' - street art with spraycans

Street Art Amsterdam ‘Audrey Hepburn’

Mural painting, Portraits

Street Art Amsterdam ‘Audrey Hepburn’. BatArtworks heeft onder het Schellingwouderbrug, Amsterdam een enorm …

clubkoffie Amsterdam street art batartworks

Clubkoffie patio street art mural

Business, Mural painting

A patio street art mural for clubsandwich bar ‘Clubkoffie’. If you …

Event decor Koekenbier Abcoude BatArtworks

Amsterdam event decor for restaurant Koekenbier Abcoude

Business, Events

BatArtworks created an event decor for the first Abcouder party week of …

Graffiti Art hip hop video Scandalated BatArtworks

Graffiti Art for the music video Scandalated – Checkmate/16

Business, Mural painting

BatArtworks creates the music videoclip graffiti art for the hiphop artist …

Sneakerness Amsterdam Live paiinting BatArtworks

Sneakerness Live Painting


Sneakerness, one of the biggest sneaker events of Europe was held at …

website Koekenbier Abcoude BatArtworks

Website café restaurant Koekenbier Abcoude

Graphic design

Website ontwerp en realisatie voor Café restaurant Koekenbier Abcoude, het gezelligste …

Ibiza Harbour festival BatArtworks

Graffiti artwork for Ibiza Harbour Festival & Gooise Network

Business, Events

BatArtworks heeft een eye-catching kleurrijk welkomstbord gerealiseerd voor de eerste editie van …

Nuff Said Amsterdam BatArtworks shirt

Nuff Said x BatArtworks

Business, Custom fashion

Nuff Said Amsterdam heeft in samenwerking met BatArtworks een Limited edition shirt …

Mother and child painting BatArtworks

Mother and child painting

Canvas Art, Portraits

BatArtworks heeft een portret schilderij van moeder en kind met spuitbus gemaakt, …

Live Painting festival Gestrand

Live Painting festival ‘Gestrand’

Business, Events

BatArtworks werd ingehuurd voor een live painting op het festival ‘Gestrand’, …

Poker Mural BatArtworks

Poker wall paint for Scan Music Records

Business, Mural painting

Indoor ‘Royal Flush’ mural. More info and time lapse video is coming soon… …

T-shirt design Boom trikes

BatArtworks x BOOM Trikes

Business, Custom fashion, Graphic design

Custom made T-shirt design for BOOM Trikes Nederland. Ride your Dream. …

Small art on canvas

Urban Art paintings 50x40cm

Canvas Art

A selection of custommade urban art paintings on 50x40xm canvas. Capture your …

Urban Artwork 'Mokum's Badass'

Urban Artwork “Mokum’s Badass” series

Canvas Art

Exclusive design by Cyril Bath 100% Cotton t-shirt

BatArtworks corporate XLcommerce

Corporate indentity for XLcommerce BV

Graphic design

Logo Design & corporate design for XLcommerce BV.

Freestyle art super selfie BatArtworks

Graffiti portrait “Super selfie”

Canvas Art

Graffiti portrait “Super selfie” Een parodie op de selfie hype.. Freehand gemaakt …

Street Art grolsch-art-jam

Grolsch ART Jam Amsterdam



Yamaha campaign BatArtworks

Yamaha Marine Nederland campaign

Graphic design

BatArtworks heeft in samenwerking met reclamebureau Est CK Communicatie een campagne bedacht …

Branding mural BatArtworks

Branding mural ‘Cuban attitude’

Mural painting

This Branding mural with a Latin spirit takes you away into the …

illustration album cover Ebon-e BatArtworks

Album artwork Ebon-E – ‘Schaafijs’ Mixtape vol. 1

Graphic design

CD cover artwork for S.C.A.N. Music Records the cd Ebon-E “Schaafijs Mixtape …

Portfolio with graffiti murals, canvas art, hand painted clothing