The successful Amsterdam streetwear & Urban Artwork “Mokums Badass”, a bad girl of Amsterdam.


[ˈMokums Badass] [A tribute to the born & raised Amsterdammers]

Some details of the artwork:

Mokum, is the Yiddish word for “place” or “safe haven” and is still used as a nickname for Amsterdam. The nickname was first considered to be Bargoens, a form of Dutch slang.

The coloring eye stands for Amsterdam, a colorful city with a free spirit and its 177 different nationalities, the most multicultural city in the world.

The three big crosses at the snapback are a blend of the naughty triple X en the three andrea’s crosses of Amsterdam

Art & design by Cyril ‘BatArtworks’ Bath

Batartworks clothing logo

Mokums Badass fans worldwide

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