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Graffiti art paintings items for sale

Art paintings collection, a blend of graffiti, tattoo, realism, street & contemporary art on canvas.

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RAUW DAUW 2.0 - graffiti art paintings

I proudly present RAUWDAUW 2.0 – a rebellious girl of the ‘Hidden thoughts series’ ⚜️🌑🌹
Gold/black/olive green acrylic paint on sawn into shape wooden panel (122x72cm)

Soon the finishing touch with resin

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Art paintings RAUWDAUW 2.0

Hidden thoughts project - graffiti art paintings

The form of art i did is an portrait mixed with a body in action. I searched to find the true balance between motion and energy 🐲🔥
The style is a blend of tattoo art, realism, Wu-Tang related samurai art, abstract painting with Japanese symbols and textures.

The meaning of the painting is to show your hidden thoughts. The woman in the painting has a hidden personality of a samurai fighter.
Being the most purest form of yourself is the message of the story.

‘Show your hidden thoughts’ – BatArtworks

Art paintings 'We will rise' Hidden thoughts series

Myths & Tatts project

BatArtworks proudly present a new chapter of his art, the ‘Myths & Tatts’ project. A blend of classic art of greek gods sculptures with abstract graffiti & tattoo signing.

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This is a selection of original art & design on canvas, clothing, skin & more. Made with pencil, spray cans, markers & a tattoo machine by Cyril ‘BatArtworks’ Bath.
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Graffiti art paintings, BatArtworks with a blend of tattoo & contemporary art